Monday, January 28, 2013

Bathe and Brew.

During Christmas, my BFF Katye gave me a gag-gift Christmas box. Home-gurl has definitely gotten her money out of this box!

I gave the gift box to Dad on Christmas morning. We all laughed.....but he quickly figured out that it was a gag gift.

Mom recycled the box and gave it to Brother when we celebrated with him on Sunday.
The pictures are so much better than me trying to type out his expressions, laughs and questions.

This is where Brother started politely saying: Huh....this goes in my shower??!

This is the part where Dad tells Brother that he needs to make sure his current shower head is compatible. 

 This is the part where H is asking Brother what type of batteries it takes. Brother is reading for it!!!

Brother thinks this is funny......yet strange. 

He opens to find the big PRANK YOU! 

We laughed until we cried!!! I had tears rolling down my face under my camera lens!

I have the funniest family in the WORLD! We tell the same stories over and over at the dinning room table......but they get better with time! Family dinner's have never been dull.......and Christmas' have always been over the top!