Sunday, January 27, 2013

Communication Breakdown

Sometimes H doesn't read my mind very well. 

Sometimes I don't tell him my intentions. 

Sometimes he doesn't put 2 & 2 together. 

Sometimes I want to do weird projects that he cannot comprehend why I would want to do them. 

Case in point #1:

Ring Ring.......

H: Hey! I'm in the Wal-Marts, can I pick up anything for you?

Me: Well hey hott stuff! Yeah! I need a can of red spray paint and some white beans.

H: What kind of white beans?

Me: I don't care about brand....just some cheap ones.....don't you want to know what I am doing with spray paint and beans?

H: I don't even ask any more! I'm going to send you a pic from the bean aisle.

Me: No! No pics. Just pic up some white beans.

This is what my man came home with:

It's hard to spray paint beans in a can for your Valentine display when they have been soaking in water for 4 months!

The original Pinterest Project:

*Because I am not wasteful......I donated the 3 cans of beans to our church food bank. 


  1. Mom said, I love it! can u make me one?

  2. The perfect base for White Bean Chili...

  3. Your post is hilarious. My husband would do something like that. Did he think you were making red paint chili?

  4. @ Gina Chen- I don't believe he was "thinking" at all!!