Friday, January 25, 2013

Gimmie a J!

I got your J.

Anyone remember that elementary cheer? 

Yeah- it's stuck in my head too! 

I'm still recapping some of my Pinterest worthy moments here:

I bought this J from the Hobby Lobby......

Then, I spray painted it......

Then I hung it on our back porch......

A little perk of marrying my man and becoming a the fact you can find J's everywhere!

When I was a was like being plagued with a bad last name. Once your last name is past the letter S in the are forgotten by companies. I take pity on the the folks whose last name begins with Z......I bet you don't have any monograms! 


  1. Zito. Lived with it for 25 years. Not only was it ugly in myonogram, but finding anything Z was nearly impossible. Love the Pinterest projects!

  2. Hey Woman! There are more projects to post!

    Full Time Job: An't Nobody Got Time for That!