Thursday, January 24, 2013

Thoughts for Thursday......

  • Last week in class, I learned that emerald is the "it" color for 2013. My teacher didn't teach me that. 
  • In keeping up with my New Year's "goals", I have said no to a new Bible study on Monday nights.....only because I'm sitting in class on Thursday nights.......and 2 nights away from the men in my house would totally wreck my week. 
  •  For the record, I don't care about Lance Armstong. Nor do I care that a grown man had a pretend girlfriend. I mean, whatever, I had an imaginary friend. Named Gibby. Maybe he was a late bloomer?!?
  • My heart is broken because Private Practice ended. I think I cried a little on Tuesday night. But, it's probably for the better that one of my guilty pleasures is no more. 
    • I ordered roman shades for my bedroom. Blinds are so 1999. Which is sad, because all of my windows minus (2) have blinds on them at the moment. 
    • I'm sad to report on of my breakfast choices: Nothing like some high-fructose corn syrup and a sugar overload to get your morning going! I hated myself by lunch!    

    • My mom still has her Christmas tree up. Now, before you go judging need to know she is being a good mother. Due to brother's job, he was not in the Continental US for Christmas. However, he is now home.....and mom wants to ensure he doesn't feel like he "missed Christmas." Therefore, her tree is still up. The stockings are still hanging. The Christmas tablecloth is still on the dining room table. We are celebrating Christmas on Sunday.....for the 4th time.  Mom of the year. 

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