Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Heart Day Flag.

I made up a little Pinterest project.

I took all of an could probably take you less time than that, but I was distracted by NCIS.

I needed a Valentine's Day flag.....and I could not find one that I I made my own.

I bought some red and white burlap from Hobby Lobby....I bought way too much in anticipation of an epic mistake......and used my Christmas flag as my guide.

I cut down my fabric to the size I wanted my flag to be.
Then, I sewed.......that right folks, I used needle and thread......and folded the top flap and bottom flap under and sewed a small pocket.

 Next, I freelanced a white and red heart. I glued them on the backdrop, then sewed them for reinforcement.
 Final product. I'm pleased as punch!

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