Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Weekend Recap....

It all started on Friday....like most weekends do.....and my man left for his 2nd annual duck hunting trip with his Kappa Sigmas.

Ya'll...I was slightly thrilled.

If you are a reader of my little bloggy.....you know that I like time to myself. I like to be lazy and have no one know about it.

Let me give my disclaimer here: I am so thankful that my man has a job where he comes home every night and that I am able to cook dinner for him and more importantly, snuggle.

 However......there are times that it makes our hearts good to miss each other. And sometimes, I like to sleep in the middle of the bed......and eat dinner in bed without H raising an eyebrow.

Here's how my weekend looked:

Friday night:

  •  picked up pizza and vino on my way home. 
  • showered, turned on the space heater for the little buddies, crawled in bed and ate dinner. 
  • at 4:34 am I had to spray Coopie in the face (with the water bottle) because he wanted to play
  • at 7:30 am, I gave in and finally rolled out of bed to take the little doggies to pee
  • 7:34 am, made coffee then called my mom to chat. She didn't want to chat
  • 7:58 am decided to vacuum the living room because I couldn't remember the last time I did
  • Chuckled when my man sent me this pic:

  • that night, I was asked to judge a pageant. And my heart squealed with delight when one of the constestents tapped-danced. I just love a good tap dance.  
  • LARD! Sunday was the best!! I started off with Church, then a trip to Lowes and then a big fat nap! 
  • Received another pic:

  • H also arrived home from his little adventure......with copious amounts of laundry to do! 
  • I felt like a mawmaw on Monday. I scheduled (2) Dr. appointments for my day off. It makes sense in theory, but good gosh! they certainly felt like a waste of time. 
  • My last appt. was at the dentist office. GAH! I hate going to the dentist. I think the hygienists at this office get paid on commission. I'll be the first to admit, I was in a bad mood because I really needed a nap and lunch......and all she wanted to do was take x-rays. 
Umm....yeah.....that's gonna be a big negative. All that I signed up for was for my chompers to              be cleaned. I just had an x-ray in Oct. I had to look the hygienists in the eye and say "just clean my teeth." 

* My man wanted me to post a pic of their "dead ducks." However, since my sweet MIL reads my blog, I don't want to gross her out.

** Also, since we are talking about ducks here, it's only appropriate that I post this pic too:

Good times were had by all this weekend. I'm glad my man is back home......sometimes, sleeping in the middle of the bed does get lonely. 

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