Thursday, January 31, 2013

Thoughts for Thursday.....

  • This week, I began working on Mother's Day projects! Don't hate me because I'm ahead of schedule. This simply means that I'm now behind on something else. 
  • Emerald. You know........ the "it" color for 2013. Just so you can make sure you are using the correct Pantone color, here 'ya go friends:
  • My yard has turned into a small pond due to the rain. Which means that I have to bathe doggies after they use the bathroom outside. Which leads me to leave pee-pads all over the house. 
  • H and I had the conversation Tuesday night of if we should turn on the air conditioner. The temperature in our house screamed YES!!! However, our calendar.......that is turned to January said....WHAT! IT'S WINTER! Oh the joys of living in South MS! It literally snowed during this month and I have worn both a sleeveless shirt and a jacket this week due to the crazy weather. 
  • Facebook: Let's chat about Facebook for a little minute. I have come to realize that I am "Facebook Friends" with some fools! They like to stir in the drama, ruffle feathers and beg for attention. I don't understand this people. I get the whole freedom of speech thing. I do.......but if you are that passionate about all of the hot topic issues, why don't you become an advocate with an organization that follows in your same beliefs/convictions. I have unfriended and removed folks from my Facebook ALL.WEEK.LONG! I can't handle all of the non-sense! 
  • Fun Fact: I like my coffee EXTRA hot (like my man)! I normally make my coffee and then take it straight to the microwave. 
  • Sad Reality: I have been soaking my big bathtub with bleach since Sunday. I don't want to clean it because I'm lazy and I haven't felt like laying over a tub full of bleach. Why is it being bleached you asked? Oh- because H bathed 2 little wienie dogs in it after they played in the mud. 
  • New Year's Resolution's Update: I said NO! to an invite to participate in the Warrior Dash. Now, you must know, this was the easiest NO! that I have said since Jan. 1. Last year when H participated in Warrior Dash.......which you can read about HERE.......I was thrilled that I didn't have to attend. That's not my love language with him. Anyway, a friend wanted to get a group of gurls together to participate......NEGATIVE for me! I don't want to run through the mud just to  crawl to the end of the race and be handed a turkey leg, a fuzzy viking hat and a large beer. I don't drink beer

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