Thursday, January 17, 2013

Thoughts for Thursday.......

1. In honor of the Miss America pageant, I have downloaded "I Dream a Dream" on my ipod. And I did a small tap dance in the kitchen in my slippers. 

2. My night class starts tonight.......and that's a real bummer because of Grey's Anatomy.

3. I have a hot in he is hot natured and doesn't like for the heat in our house to be turned on. When I walked in from work and felt the fact that the temp in our house was 59 degrees..........I turned the heat on full blast. The first thing my man told me when he walked in the door was: TURN THE HEAT OFF! Ummm buddy.....if you are that hot....sleep on the backporch.

4. I spray painted beans last night. I'll blog about that later.

5. Oscar left me a pile of "S" this am at my bedroom door. I secretly think that H new about it and left it for me to clean up.

6. I have been blowing up some Pinterest projects lately. Some of them I have nailed. Others......not so much. This sums me up for this week.

Just a quick recap of my Pinterest this week:

-Made a Valentine's hand.....and sewed it while watching NCIS.
-Spray painted a big J to go on the back porch.
-Decorated parts of my house with decor from the Dollar Tree.
-Failed at making semi-homemade cinnamon rolls (seriously, it was three ingredients and it screwed it up).
-I did make a FAB Dr. Pepper cake to make up for it.
-I spray painted black-eye peas red to look like red hots.

Because you are dying to know......I'll blog about all of this later. I'm still trying to rub/scrub the red and green spray paint off my fingers. My right hand looks like it's on FIRE! Which makes me think of Sweet Brown and her cold pops. (Seriously, I try to sound just like her when I say FIRE......).

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  1. I'm crying! I love the pinterest pic and Sweet Brown!