Wednesday, January 16, 2013

There She Is......

Miss America.

Have I ever mentioned that I was 1st Runner Up in Miss MSU?

Oh yeah. I made my mama proud and my dad was secretly glad that I didn't win the title so he could stop buying dresses and $300 swimsuits!

I watched the Miss America pageant on Saturday night. And I watched the 20/20 special before it. I'm sad to admit the following:

1. I know what butt glue is.
2. I know how to tape boobs up.
3. I know how to tease hair (wait! I still do this)
4. I watched the pageant while laying in bed. Drinking a small glass of vino. Eating strawberry cake. With a snickers ice cream wrapper on my night-stand. Classy.

I'll leave you with this pic.

Shortly after this photo was taken, my dad took us out to eat for hamburgers and french fries. True Story.

Friends.....because I'm feeling generous..... here is an added bloggy bonus....

Suzanne all of her glory.

Julia: “Suzanne do you ever think what your life might be like if you had never been Miss Georgia?”
Suzanne: “What is this? Some kind of riddle?”
Julia: “I know it’s absolutely inconcievable, but can you picture it?”
Suzanne: “No. I’m trying. It may get a little hazy. But, no matter what I do, I can still see that tiara and it’s deffinitely on my head.”
Julia: “But what if it weren’t on your head?”
Suzanne: “Well that’s ridiculous, where would it be?”
Julia: “It’s on the roof.”
Suzanne: “What?”

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