Thursday, February 28, 2013

Thoughts for Thursday......

  • I didn't watch the Oscars on Sunday. I really don't get into award shows. I have never been a big, I normally just go to the movies maybe 5 times a year....which doesn't leave me privy to the actors or their nominations. 

  • This is what my nights look like now:

  • Dear Nashville- why are you soooo good to me? You leave me each week purchasing your songs on itunes! 
  • How is it March already?? 2 months have come and gone in 2013.......and I'm completely fine with that. 
  • I'm about to apply for summer graduation for grad school. Which means I have to take comps in June. Which means I'm about to throw up. The thought of writing all day on material from the past 2 years blows my mind. Then.....I think about some of the folks I know that have their Master's.....and I think....I Got This! 

  • Today happens to be my Fab Friend Missy's Burfday!!! Happy Burfday to the coolest mom I know!  You throw killer birthday parties for your baby gurls! And, you keep it real! Therefore, we are friends. I like real friends who talk about their laundry.....and laugh when we realize that we have so much in common! Also- I love the fact that our friendship has us leaving items in our mailboxes for each other and it makes us look like drug dealers with our mini-vans and 4-door sedans!   Happy 30th my friend.....Happy 30th! ;)

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