Monday, March 4, 2013

P!NK- Part 1

Over the weekend.....I went to a P!NK concert....

(this is where you GASP for air)

I KNOW!!!! P!NK really isn't my cup of tea.
I don't know any of her songs. I don't have any of them on my ipod.
She and I really don't have a lot in common.......

But, me and this woman do!

Starting with our middle names.....and love of carbs.....and cheesecake selections.....and inappropriate sense of humor.

So.....what had happened was.......Anna called and asked me to attend a P!NK concert.
I said no. I don't do concerts. I don't enjoy large loud crowds. I don't enjoy the cheap seats, or front row seats. I don't want to stand up and jam for 3 hours. So, I said no again. Plus, this is the year of no. 

Then, she twisted my arm until it hurt and told me that we would be in a box suite....and I raised an eyebrow....and I said sure. I mean, what better way to watch your very first concert than in a suite....where you can sit!!

We had a blast! We laughed until we cried.....acted like giddy teenage girls....ate way too much food.....solved all of the worlds problems on our way to Atlanta.....and stayed up way too late recounting our college days!

Our conversations leading up to the trip showed our true personalities:

Meg: I bet I'm the only person in Phillips's Arena that purchased their P!NK outfit from Ann Taylor!

Anna: You need to familiarize yourself with P!NK. Maybe download a few songs?!? Want me to make a mixed tape?

We had a fab time......shopped Nordstorm's.....ate way to much and laughed at our own crazy antics!

More to come in Part-2

BTW: I think we were the only losers to actually wear pink to a P!NK concert. However, everyone kept telling us what a great idea it was to wear pink. Either we are sheer genius or people were mocking us.

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