Tuesday, March 5, 2013

P!NK- Part 2

The concert was great.

Have I mentioned this was my very first concert eva'?

It's true....

Anyway, P!NK brought the action, and the dancers, and the fireworks, and the acrobats, and the flying through the arena....and the music. I liked her so much that I have downloaded 3 songs on my ipod. 
I have much respect for her after I saw her abs.....she is sorta fierce....and a punk rocker.

The next day.....after such a long night......consisted of:

Because who doesn't want Krystal burgers after a long night?

Don't hate me.....but this was our transportation to the concert:

Exactly. It's FAB!

Things that happend in the ATL:

1. I purchased my Easter Dress.
2. Anna made me laugh until I snorted.
3. We listened to mixed tapes.
4. We drank 432 Starbucks drinks.
5. I told Anna she wasn't a proper iphone user unless she had the Starbucks app on her phone. Because all of the cool kids just let the barista's scan their phones. 
6. I introduced Anna to Nordstrom's. And she introduced me to her music collection. And we liked both. 
7. Anna brought her jewelry in a metal tin....and she laughed when I aligned my makeup on the counter before I used it. I'm OCD like that. 
8. We are both so sarcastic that at times, we didn't know when the other was being real. And that was funny. 
9. It snowed 3 times while we were in ATL.
10. We spent our budgeted spending money on our 1st stop while shopping.

Good luck to the next person who invites me to a concert. You betta' show me a good time like this! If you can't bring the limo......I probably won't be able to make it. :)


  1. Glad I'm not the only one to line up my make-up on the counter before I put it on. ;)