Thursday, March 7, 2013

Thoughts for Thursday.....

  • My new favorite drink: Dr. Snap.

It is the Whole Food version of Dr. Pepper. Let me sell it to you for a minute: less sugar, no high-fructose corn syrup,  cane sugar, no caffeine.....tastes better. The only problem is......there isn't a Whole Foods in the State of MS.....which means that I look like a crazy lady when I want to purchase more of these drinks!

  • I had a Twitter account. For school. Remember my mini-session in January? (which I'm slated to make an A in because I made a 100 on my final paper! ) Anyway, I had to activate a Twitter account, and tweet, and retweet and be active and such. Anyway, it wasn't my favorite social media I deleted my account. I apologize for keeping this from you.....however, you didn't miss a lot my friends. Twitter made me realize that I'm slightly boring. I tweeted things like: 
    • I love listening to the rain and wienie dogs snore
    •  Sean is wearing a mawmaw sweater #bachelor
    • This P!NK concert is starting past my bedtime
               ....As you see....nothing fun and exciting. Therefore, my account is long gone.
    • This week is has been calm. Which is great. I did fill out copious amounts of forms so I can graduate this summer. All of the paper work made me question if I even want to "walk" (which, I can't even do that until December due to the fact there is not a summer graduation). Anyway, while meeting with my advisor, we discussed my comps. Then I threw-up in his trash can. Not really.....but I did break out into a cold sweat. Comps really freak me out. I would rather play the piano in front of 1,000 people than take comps. 
    • Breakfast for dinner = absolute winner. 
    • So, I've been running lately (it's more, I'm sorta a picky runner.....meaning, if it's below 60 degrees, the likely hood of me running is slim to none. However, I do enjoy it. And I enjoy cake. And ice cream. 

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