Thursday, March 14, 2013

Thoughts for Thursday.....

1. My grandmother, sweet Mom-O, rocks Aviator sunglasses. Along with her colored hair.

2. The Duggars (thier son) will be having more children.
Since it's my blog.....and I get to share my opinion is: do what you want to do. It's your life. And more importantly, your children.  If you want 50-11 kids in your 3 bedroom house.....then power to the people. If you want to give birth at home over your toilet  while all of America watches.........then power to the people. Who am I to deny you of that fun.

3. I took my little buddies for a walk.....because when they are don't run. Anyway, around mile 2.5, I had to pick up Oscar and carry him back home! How in the world are we suppose to win WagFest if Oscar can't even walk 3 miles! When we walked in the door at home, Oscar was too tired to drink he just laid out on the cold tiles in the kitchen. He did a belly flop! 

4. It's Spring Break week. Which means that I have to report to work but not my night class. :)

5. I ordered this nice little budget book from May Books! #theyaremyfavorites!!

6. I thought about buying this for the backyard. But, I thought the buddies may be confused.

7. This little burfday boy visited with me this week! He's quite the charmer!

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  1. I love the ceramic/concrete wienie mom has one of those! it always makes me think of oscar :)