Thursday, March 28, 2013

Thoughts for Thursday......

Today is my Hoppy Friday everyone.

I tried to jam pack 5 days of work into 4.

And I thought I was gonna DIE! 

I have a few meaningless confessions to make:

  • My mom told me to wait to buy my ferns a few more weeks and when the weather became warmer........but I was worried all the pretty ones would be I bought them anyway. And they are in my foyer so they don't freeze. #mamasalwaysright
  • I'm boycotting coloring Easter eggs this year. It has everything to do with me making an egg salad a few weeks ago....and I didn't like it....and I don't want to see eggs for a while 
Because I've been busy with work and school, I really don't have too much to report. Other than I would like to sleep until noon one day. I think that would help.......until I have to write another paper. Or go back to work.

In doggie news, the buddies have been practicing for WagFest. And folks, it ain't looking pretty. 
I just don't see how we will pull a win out this year. I'm bracing myself.

While having a convo with BFF Anner, I quickly discovered that I don't know my friend as much as I think I do. Turns out, she has a weird food love: fried catfish tails. (this is where you gasp) That woman likes to eat the tail of a catfish that has been fried. thank you.

I can't judge her too much......I eat crazy "s" too:
-cake but no icing
-olives...I like to eat the pimento first. I can eat olives like popcorn

I have my comp schedule. June 14th is dooms day for me. I will take 6 written exams in the time span from 9am-4pm. Wanna know what I will be doing at 5pm?? Sippin' on some vino.  And probably throwing up because all of the stress is OVA'! 

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