Friday, April 12, 2013

Thoughts for Thursday....Err...Friday.

Hello Intranet.

I must confess right off the bat that I'm in a fragile state of mind right now.

I was starting to feel ok about my upcoming Comps for grad school until I realized that I have LOST my notebook that I took (2) classes with. Let me translate for 'ya: I have lost approximately 500 pages of notes. 

This is where you cry with me.

I sometimes pride myself on how organized I am. It's scary at times. However, there are just as many times when I have to call on Jesus to help me remember where I placed a very important notebook that could seal my fate of 2 years of college.

Excuse me as I throw up.

In other news......I am THRILLED to report that me and the Mister do not have anything scheduled for the next few months. Remember....I'm a homebody. 

In unrelated news: we are now "eating clean."
I probably haven't mentioned it......because it's hard and I'm hungry All.The.Time!

So the deal is.......H and I generally don't eat bad food. For the past 3 years, we have been eating organic food......which is sorta easy to find now. However, I realized that a lot of it is still processed foods.......and we need to cut it out. We are doing this just to feel better and eat better........not to lose weight or diet.

I'm super tired all.the.time and H tries to be health conscious and works out several times a week.
Anyway, I'm not gonna say that I have more energy at this point (1 week in)......but I do feel better.

What we eat:
a ridiculous amount of veggies (squash, carrots, asparagus, green beans, broccoli, etc.)
BIG salads with everything but the kitchen sink (eggs, corn, chopped veggies, grilled organic chicken)
organic chicken
deer meat
minimally processed foods
whole wheat noodles

What we no longer eat:
H's beloved Ranch dressing (he is sad....but it's TERRIBLE for you)
Mac-n-Cheese from a box
Cinnamon bread by Pepperidge Farm
Processed cheese (velveta, etc......however, I cut this out about a year ago)
Zero high frutose corn syrup (cut this out 3 years ago)

What you can NEVER take away from me:
Dr. Snap
Ben & Jerry's
Sweet Tea (I use cane suga')

There are other items.....but I don't want to bore you. I had to clean out our pantry. And that was hard......because sometimes I LOVE bad food. There are times I would consider paying $5 for a Little Debbie. Rarely do I fry foods.....and when I's either squash or okra.....because there's NO other way to eat them. :)

There were 2 occasions this week where I made a complete "clean meal".......and they were GREAT and we cleaned our plates twice......and we were still hungry.

I bought a cookbook to help me be creative with meal plans and of course, I took to the Pinterest. If you are following me on the Pinterest......I apologize for all of the clean eating pins you have to navigate through.

I made a terrible terrible awful soup on Wednesday night. Split Pea veggie soup. I took it to work......heated it up....made a co-worker try it.....then we went out to our favorite Italian spot.

Mine and H's clean eating rules are as follows:

  • Eat super clean at home and take lunch to work as much as possible. 
  • Make better choices at restaurants....but realize next to nothing is clean or enjoy it.
  • Eat whatever our friends and family cook when they invite us over for dinner. Being a picky eater doesn't get you invited over for dinners. 
  • Remember this isn't weight loss. It's simply eating better. 

This is much harder than what I thought it would be. It's hard to find minimally processed foods. It's hard to simply shop the perimeter of the grocery store. It's hard to feel good and full from a salad with veggies. However, once we get in our routine and rotation of food- I think it will be just fine.

Meanwhile.....I'm still hoping and praying that a certain turquoise notebook magically appears.  Otherwise, there will be a shortage of Little Debbies.......

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