Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Clean Eating Update #1

This clean eating thing isn't that bad.

We are now on week 2.

And I am surviving. 

I think this is suppose to be easy each time you go to the grocer. But listen.....it's tricky.

Just because something is organic or all natural doesn't mean that it's good for you.
The best advice I can give is: find advice or research from someone who has put in the time.
And, learn key words of bad ingredients that you should not eat: high fructose corn syrup, dextrose, hydrogenated oils, etc. 

This week, our menu includes:
filet mignon with grilled asparagus.....we skipped the baked potatoes.....they make your butt big
chicken alfredo made with organic chicken, spinach noodles
waffles and bacon (waffle mix is Bob's Red Mill organic...this was PRETTY good!)
Cobb salad in whole wheat tortilla shells (which BTW, are hard to find in a "healthy" form....I chose the healthiest that our Kroger sells)
flat bread naan pizza made with bacon, arugula, and 5 ingredient pizza sauce

Eating watermelon instead of ice cream

Low Point:
Walking in Lowe's and grabbing a bag of Doritos before I could place my paint order

Eating asparagus AND spinach with the same meal

Low Point:
Eating a leftover bag of M&M cookies at work

Eating a healthy salad for Monday's lunch

Tonight  I'm meeting a group of ladies for a baby shower at our favorite pizza place. I hope you don't think that I'm gonna eat a salad there. I will order my cheese sticks.......and eat.every.one. There are somethings that you shouldn't part with.........

***In unrelated news....Oscar Mayer peed on my Ralph Lauren rug. Again. 
A Wal-Mart rug will be purchased today. 

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