Thursday, May 16, 2013

Thoughts for Thursday.....

- It's one month until Comps.

- I've been studying HEAVILY!

- I went to the dermo on Tuesday to have some beauty marks removed (my mom always referred to moles as beauty marks! :)  While Dr. S was numbing the area, I was gripping the side of the table and I said a bad word. Out loud. joke......having a needle go inside the middle of mole on your stomach hurts. Like hell apparently. 

- The smell of burnt skin at 8am is not something you enjoy. Especially when it's your skin. 

-In keeping with my New Year's resolutions, we said no to a cookout on Saturday. I have 2 days off from work a week. I arrive home at 5:30ish during the week. I just finished my night class. Sometimes, you just need a minute. And this weekend, I used that minute to clean my house. I even shampooed carpet. And cleaned with bleach. You can't do it all in life. And sometimes, all you want is a clean house. 

- Have I mentioned we said "no" to a big vacay this year? I was bummed about it because all of my friends are getting ready to fly out on their vacays......and I'm like "yeah, I'm sitting at home.....staring at cows, feeding wienie dogs." But you know what......we are now starting to do the projects around the house with our vacay money.  Project #1: patio slab addition. This month.

-On Saturday, while bleaching my bathroom, the buddies were begging to go outside and play. I said no. I had just bathed them after they chased Sammy the Squirrel and they had gotten muddy. So, I went back to cleaning.....and walked into the living room to this:

This isn't water my friends.


Now I'm forced to mop. #can'twinforlosing
It was my fault. So no one was spritzed in the face. 

-This is what my lunch hour looks like now:

-This weekend is landscape weekend. I'll pull out the big camera and document.

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