Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Clean Eating Update #2

Folks- it's getting easier.

Here are my suggestions:
-pick a grocery store and stick with it. Know their layout, brands and sales.
-stick with the same brands week after week.
-do some research
-if there are ingredients that you can't pronounce.....don't buy it.

**Funny story- I had to go to Wal-Mart to pick up some craft supplies. I thought to myself- "Hey self, it would be smart if you just purchased your groceries here." So, I gave it a go. I started in the dairy section. They had my butta', but not my coffee cream....or yogurt.....so I stopped. And left. This can be overwhelming and time consuming when you have to flip the product and read the ingredients EVERY TIME YOU GROCERY SHOP!! Plus....Wal-Mart is notorious for not having healthy selections.

So, I headed over to our Kroger.....and bought the items that I needed in 20 minutes.

Fruits- apples, strawberries, bananas 
Veggies-asparagus, squish, spinach, etc. 
turkey meat- H loves sandwiches. I won't touch them. 
Amy's bean/rice burrito- our Kroger just started selling these. D-Lish! 
granola cereal
organic popcorn

You get the picture.

I would provide you with a menu plan, but last week was crazy.....and honestly, this week isn't looking much better. Last week we had leftovers one night. Burrito's the next. Eating out the next.

This week, the menu looks like this:
-Stuffed chicken on Monday
-H played golf.....I ate cereal (the clean eating kind)
-We were invited to eat with friends on Wednesday
-Grilled pork tenderloin salad on Thursday (this is my go to during the summer)
-Friday we go to a crawfish boil

I have found yet ANOTHER clean eating brownie recipe that I will be trying.

Stay tuned.

**Our sweet friends that invited us over for dinner tonight....kindly asked that I do not bring any clean eating brownies. Noted.**

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