Thursday, May 9, 2013

Thoughts for Thursday.......

So, I'mmm bbaaaacck!!!!

Hello friends.

I'm walking out of the fog that has been my life for the past 2 months.

This semester is over, several of my work events are finished, I survived my birthday and I'm feeling better with our clean eating.

I am slowly working on comps and although I don't remember ANYTHING that I should be studying.......I'm happy to report that my study guide is organized and should set me up for success!

Meanwhile, I have been making burp cloths like a sweat shop working for Kathy Lee Gifford! Once you get the hang of it...... it's really easy. I'll go ahead and warn you......if we are friends, and you have a baby in your will be getting a burp cloth. Mary, I'm talking to you! Oh, and you too Kellie.....and Katie!

In other news, my dogs are breaking us in to be parents (don't get excited....not preggers). While I know there is a difference between doggies and babies........and the similarities are few and far doggies try to emulate that of babies more often times than not.

Case in point: babies have "blow out" diapers. My Coopie "blows it out" under my bed. 3 times. In one night. When I say "blows it out".......what I mean is exactly that. When you have to move your bed to clean up doggie diarrhea.......that sorta prepares you for parenthood. When your doggie wakes you up at 2am to go pee and all you do is open the door and close it.......not true preparation there. When your doggie projectile vomits on your bedroom sorta prepares you. When you simple pour food in a bowl or squirt them with a water bottle......not true preparation. 

I'm still working on finding the best clean eating brownie. At this point, it would be easier to just give up brownies for the rest of my life.

Happy Thursday Everyone!
I plan on enjoying Grey's Anatomy tonight. As I pin fabric on burp cloths. 


  1. I love the transition from doddie poop! to clean eating brownies!!! lol!!! Crackin' me up!!!