Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Anatomy of An Event Part #2

Here are pics of the finished product.......courtesy of the fab Kelly Dunn.

Click here for PART #1

I just love a good cane-back chair! They are so classy and elegant. Especially when you dim the lights!

Orchids. They are a must!

See this cake?? It was fab. I ate every.single.last.morsel.of. mine.
It was a white velvet cake with a lemon curd ring and raspberry filling in the middle. I died.

During the food tasting....I ate 2 of them. No joke.

Good times were had by all.....and I was one exhausted gurl at the end of the night. Because this wasn't my first rodeo.....I packed a pair of flip-flops to rock with my Ralph Lauren dress at the end of the night. 

I mean, what's a gurl to do when it's clean-up time??

I have 1 more post before I store away my photos of this fun event. Get yourself ready!

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