Thursday, June 13, 2013

Summer Dreams

Working 8-5 really cramps my summer plans.

While all of my friends are at the pool, lake or beach......I'm sitting in my office (normally with my space heater on) wishing, hoping and dreaming of sand between my toes!

So I don't feel like I have wasted on whole summer on working- I'm going to do some Summer Goals:

- Read a book. I realize this is a simple goal....and that I could probably read 7 books this summer.....but you must know, I READ EVERY NIGHT in preparation for comps. I haven't read anything fun in quite sometime.

- Walk the hood. I enjoy walking the wienie dogs. I need to do that more often since I no longer have night classes, homework or papers to write. Plus the wienies need to shed a few pounds!

- Cook at least 1 big meal a week. Listen. My kitchen is barely used right now due to comps. I want to bake, cook and make a mess again!

-Use less social media. I would rather be fully engaged with the friends I'm with rather than documenting every move we make on Facebook. I think the next time I go out to dinner/lunch with friends, I'm going to ask everyone to put their cellphone at the end (or middle) of the table.......then, the first person to reach for their phone has to buy appetizers, drinks or dessert! :) Facebook in general gets me fired up! Why in the WORLD would you want to display your crazy on FB? Personally, I like to keep a lid on my crazy shenanigans! I try to not to parade it around or have people comment on it.

-Turn the tv off. A few months ago, H and I were making family goals. Some of them were big important goals that involve numbers, money and adult decisions. Other goals were fun activities and ways we can slow down. I made the suggestion of turing off our cell phones and tv for a solid weekend. I'll add the caveat of: the cell phones will probably have to go on silent and we check them when necessary....we don't have a house phone (other than my parents....really.....who does??)....and if something terrible happens, I wanna be available. I digress. We will be turning the tv off for a weekend. At some point. Before football season. Priorities.

- Go to the lake, go to the beach. Sometimes, the best therapy isn't retail. Sometimes, it's sand between your toes and the sound of waves.

Ummm.....that's probably enough goals for the summer. I don't want to add anything else to my 'ol paper calendar!


  1. Love your goals, love even more you wrote them down to hold yourself accountable.
    You have inspired me to do some soul searching to get mine written down.

  2. I should have added sewing projects.....but, we'll see where that takes me! haha!