Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Clean Eating Update #3

I agree with this 100%. 

It's easier to eat good when you have fruits and veggies in your fridge. However, it makes you mad when all you want is a bag of chips at 9:30 at night while studying.....or watching tv. 

A few weeks ago, I contemplated purchasing a meal plan email service for clean eating. $29 for a year. Which is cheap by the way.......but, I thought....if I could just carve out an hour or two of my time, I can get a handle on my meals. 

Fast forward......I was having my hair done a few Saturday's ago....and I used that time to meal plan through July! I used a clean eating magazine.....Pinterest and I converted a few of my favorite recipes into "clean eating." 

Last week's menu:
Monday- Cobb salad ( lettuce, eggs, bacon, pickles, cheese and corn)
Tuesday- "fried" chicken, mashed potatoes, green beans (I breaded my chicken with whole-wheat bread crumbs)
Wednesday- Church....so we ate eat there
Thursday- breakfast for dinner (either eggs, bacon and toast or waffles and bacon)
Friday- I try to make it a general practice not to cook on Friday nights

Editor Notes:
-The mashed potatoes were cumbersome. I had to wash, peal, dice, cook, drain and mash. Ordinarily-  that wouldn't bother me at all.  But on Tuesday, I was HONGRY when I came home! I didn't really want to peal potatoes.......even if it was only 2! 
-The green beans were fresh and needed to be washed and the ends to be snapped. Again, I didn't feel like doing that......but they were well worth it after the fact! 

Clean eating gets easier each week.......and you learn what areas to shop your grocery store in. 

I still do not like greek yogurt, avocados (unless they are used in guacamole),  and I have learned that you have to cook whole-gain rice twice in the rice cooker so it isn't crunchy (I learned this the hard way). 

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