Thursday, June 20, 2013


A word that I would like to remove from my vocabulary permanently.
I hope to never speak of comps again.
But- before I move that word into the 'bad word' list.....I wanted to give you the timeline of last Friday.

7:30am- jam session in the car to P!nk (probably busted a speaker)

8am- met up with a classmate, discussed our ailments, ordered Starkbucks (the barista knew my order...which is sad).....BTW: my normal order is a 2-pump white chocolate mocha, stirred, extra hot

9am- had a wave of nausea when the proctor walked in the room. I contemplated asking if I could heat up my coffee. Decided not too.....I was scared I would throw up.

9:10am- I started saying curse words in my head. The realisation of this test being hard is sinking in.

9:11am- Asked Jesus for forgiveness and tried to channel my photographic memory.

10:13am- my wrists began hurting from tying so fast.

11:40am- printed and turned in my first 3 answers.

12noon- Ordered Chick-fil-A waffle fries and dipped them in Chick-fil-A sauce (which is the way to go!) I almost hit a girl because in a snarky voice she asked "is that all your eating." Apparently, she doesn't believe that I'm nauseated.

1pm- begin 2nd half of the test. I wanted to put my head down, take a little nap and then start typing. Figured that wasn't a bright idea.

1:05pm-3pm- I typed until all of my knowledge was drained from my head. I had nothing left. So, I turned in my test.

When I arrived home, I immediately started packing for H and I to drive to Birmingham. H had a golf tourney and it was Father's Day weekend. I made it to Meridian sitting in the front seat with H like an adult......then, exhaustion hit me like a brick wall. I did the ol' switch-a-roo with the doggies while H pumped gas. When he got back to the car,  this is what he saw:

I was curled up in the back seat.....with my pillow and beach towel. I couldn't stand it anymore....I needed to lay down and go to a semi-comatose state of mind!

When we arrived in Birmingham, my sweet MIL had this pretty cake waiting on us:

Late night cake and milk is the best! I wasn't worried about a sugar overload due to the sheer exhaustion I had. There are no pictures of me and the cake because: (1) I was wearing my 'modern-day' moo-moo....which is a maxi dress (2) it was 10:30 at night.....and I've NEVER looked cute that late at night (3) my hair was in a high messy bun and the combination of my pillow and the extra dog bed that I was using a pillow did nothing to enhance my hair (4) my mascara had ran a little under my eyes. HOTT MESS!

Ya'll....I slept until 10am the next day! It was glorious!

I'm a new woman since last Friday. I'm enjoying my new freedom at night and during lunch. It makes it even sweeter when you can watch the Bulldogs play in the College World Series! #hailstate

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