Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Last of the Event Posts......

I know you are tired of looking at these pics....but, here are a few of me and the Mr.

Because you can't have a party without '80s frat shades!

H was reminded of his days of partying it up at the 'Squid Tank'!
Those crazy KE's!

So- the day after the Gala just so happened to be the anniversary of my birth into the world.

So my sweet co-workers surprised me with cake during our Dance Party USA.
And this is what I looked like when they were calling me back on the dance floor to sing to me and give me a cake!

In all my glory:

I decided to remove the shades!  

Fun times were had by all! I enjoyed BOTH of my birthday cakes that weekend!
I'm so blessed to have such sweet friends and family!

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