Thursday, August 22, 2013

Backyard Bash- Plus 10 party tips

Last Saturday night, me and the mister hosted a Backyard Bash for some new neighbors in our 'hood.

It was fun.....but it was a lot of work.

Why you ask?

Because it takes a party to get me motivated and provide deadlines!

Do you see my cute linens below?? 

I made them. With my sewing machine. The week of the party.

Here are 10 party tips to help you out with your shindig:

1- Make your own linens. They are cheap and super easy. You can use a linen napkin as your template. I bought my fabric from Old Time Pottery over the summer. They were scrap pieces. This is a cheap and easy way to add character to your tables.

 2- If you make your own linens, use outdoor upholstery fabric. This fabric is oftentimes water resistent......which is great for your beverage table.

 3- Use fresh flowers. They don't have to be expensive or from a florist. Add some greenery from your yard....and BOOM! Done and done.

4- Recycle your glass jars for vases. The above vases were from spaghetti sauce and salad dressing.

 5- Use what you have. I love a good party on a budget. It forces you to be creative......and often times, it looks nicer. These sweet napkins were a gift......and I was just waiting for the right time to use them. I easily saved $15 on paper products by just using "real" china, utensils and gifted napkins. I mean, you are going to use the dishwasher anyway......

 6- Depending on the theme of the party.......ask everyone to bring something. There was NO way I could feed 20 people by myself and still enjoy the party. The invitation encouraged everyone to bring their favorite side-dish.

 7- Keep it light.....and keep it simple. I have learned in party planning.....the more choices people are offered, the harder it is on the hostess. We offered grilled chicken and sausage as our meat choices. Everyone ate it and loved it. Beverages were sweet tea, water or lemonade. Again, simple.

8- Offer entertainment. Turn on the music or put some games in the backyard. People like to do things.....and it encourages them to stay out of your kitchen.

9- Over invite with your guest list. Not everyone will RSVP or show up. If you want 10 guests to show up, invite 20.

10- Plan ahead. Write down your ideas. Jot down your "to-do" lists. Put all of your party swag in a central location of your house so you don't forget it. This is generally my dining room.

Cheers to your Happy Party!!

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