Sunday, August 25, 2013

Home is where your People are.

Last Thursday I spent the night at my parents house.
And it was not due to me being mad at H. For the typed bloggy record......I was/am/still very happy with him. 

My parents live 45 minutes away.
My brother is home from work (Korea).
I wanted to visit with my sweet grandparents.
You get the picture. 
So I packed a bag and drove to their house after work last Thursday.

While everything in life changes, some things will remain the same.

- I walk in the door, dad hugs me and tells me to put a new trash bag in the trash can.
- Mom pulls out the flour and has me make a pie crust.
- Mom makes my individual salad with no onions or tomatoes.
- We laugh until we cry at the dinner table at stories that brother tells.

I love it. I love the comfort of being at home with my people. And I love my grandparents more.

During our visit, I noticed some things at my grandparents house:
- My grandmother wears Toms shoes. They are grey and she rocks them.
-She has a pair of Jessica Simpson sun glasses.
-She loves my dear Pop so much. I asked her what she had been doing that day, and after her play-by-play on house chores, she finishes with "and flirting with Pop."


Is that not the sweetest thing you have ever heard! Pop is 90 years old. He grinned and waived his hand  in reaction to her statement.

I'm grateful that I only live 45 minutes from my parents/grandparents. I grateful that I can have family dinners, laughs and conversations on a Thursday night if I so desire. Also- I'm grateful my dad knows how to boil shrimp like none-other. makes chocolate pie. :) 

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