Tuesday, August 13, 2013

DIY Laundry Detergent

I never thought I would be one of those gurls that makes her own cleaning supplies......especially laundry detergent. But, I love a good bargin and clean laundry.

I found the recipe on Pinterest last year and made my detergent September 1 (again, last year)......and it supplied me until the end of December.
4 months. I didn't have to buy laundry detergent for 4 months.

Here's what you need:
(1) box of Borax
(2) small boxes of baking soda
(1) bottle of Purex crystals (honestly.....you can buy another brand if you want)
(1) large tub of Oxi-Clean (I bought the Kroger brand.....because, well, it's cheaper)
(1) box of Arm & Hammer washing powder
(1) bar of Zote soap (grated...or shredded..or whatever) My bar was LARGE. You can buy 2 small bars if you can't find the large.

Mix everything together.

Tips and Tricks:

- As you mix everything, it helps if you layer all of the ingredients. I made a little assembly line and started with a cup of each ingredient........then I stirred.

-The first time I made this, I used a small empty rubbermaid tub because we had just moved the day before. This time, I layered the ingredients in a plastic container.......put the lid on it....shook it like a Polaroid picture......then poured it in my laundry storage container.

- Don't be afraid to shred your soap in the food processor. I mean.....it's soap. Don't you wash your processor with soap anyway??

- Save the Purex crystals container because you can use that for the immediate detergent that you use. I even use the cap for my measuring purposes.

- This works for High Efficiency washers. Don't expect suds. There are no bubbles with this detergent. AND.....a little goes a long way. I may or may not have watched the washing machine to learn this bit of info. 

-You can use an additional bottle of Purex Crystals if you would like.

- I purchased my ingredients at the local Kroger. They did not have the Zote, so I went across the street to another grocery store. Anything to keep me out of Wal-Mart! Can I get an Amen and Amen?

Next up on the blog......How to make your own carpet cleaner.

Just kiddin'.

I know where to draw the line.

Happy Hump Day Everyone. Happy Hump Day.

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