Thursday, August 1, 2013

Thoughts for Thursday......

  • Apparently there's drama on The Bachelorette. I bet you didn't see that one coming. 
  • I mowed the back yard on Monday afternoon. This is a big thing for me. I have allergies like none other and truth be told.....I don't care that much for manual labor. My love language is cooking........and not mowing, nor weeding the flower beds or other shenanigans like that. However, my man worked so hard on Sunday afternoon scoring our back patio, I thought the least I could do is put on a bikini top and get some sun mow the backyard. I don't think H really appreciated the way I divided the back yard in half and mowed sections at a time. H is more of a diagonal type of guy.....and I'm more of a "get it done" type of girl. He was very grateful that I saved him 30 minutes, but politely asked to mow the front yard. No prob Jack! 
  • I swear the dogs and the cows were laughing at my mowing abilities. The smirks on the faces of the cows were the windows of their thoughts. 
         It only took me 10 minutes to figure out the lawnmower is self-propelled. 

  • Happy August. Football season is starting in 4 weeks! Is it just me....or is this year flying by? I still remember Christmas! The temple of crafts, Hobby Lobby,  have their Christmas decorations out on display. It sorta makes me hyperventilate and feel behind on the Christmas schedule. I was temped to buy some ornaments last week and had to talk myself off the ledge. Put the ornaments down's July you don't need garland right don't need holly and berries. 
  • I wrapped up a Beth Moore Bible study last night. That woman is so animated that I think if her hands were tied behind her back she wouldn't be able to speak! She is so good and always seems to know the right words of what I NEED to hear! Can I get an Amen and Amen?

Happy Thursday everyone! One more day......just hang in there one more day! 


  1. This had me laughing my butt off. My guy is from Mississippi so we'll probably be down there next year. But he told me he'd never make me mow our yard. I hope he means that! I did enough mowing at my parents' house when I was living there to last me a lifetime.


  2. Sarah! You have a great blog!!!

    Truth: I actually mowed again yesterday. :)
    And....the lawnmower ran out of gas and I had to facetime the hubby about what gas can to use, etc.