Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Dilemma

No, this is not a post about Kelly Rowland and Nelly.

Although....it's a good song. It takes me back to Jr. College.

So, here's the dilemma:
A few weeks ago.....I declared to H what I would like for Christmas.

Tickets to watch P!nk in concert in Birmingham on December 13th.

Y'all. I'm still talking about her concert from Atlanta. It was that good!

Anyway, I wanna go. And I want my friends to go with us. Good times will be had by all.

H said yes after I begged and cooked him a good rib-sticking dinner. After smiling throughout dinner and talking about what a FAB time we are going to have,  I get on the phone and invite all my friends that I thought would enjoy going to the concert with us.

2 people. 

I called 2 people.

THEN...........cue the sad music.

I saw the date for commencement.

 I graduate with my Master's the same day as the P!nk concert.

Now you see my dilemma. 

I have been looking forward to my graduation since the very first Master's class that I sat through. It's the thought of my graduation that has gotten me through some moments in grad school where I want to just say forget it!

After a phone call to the Register's Office to inquire about the "official" time, I still do not have a have firm graduation time. The Register's Office wanted to know if the student I was inquiring about needed special accommodations.

I raised an eyebrow. Well, Maybe. 

I'm waiting for the official times for each college  to be released. In my mind.....I can do both. I can graduate, document it with some pictures and rock it out with my friends that night.

I know I'm crazy. But you don't understand......I'm BFF's with P!nk.

Ever since I found out her real name, I feel like I'm an insider.

Because I know you care so much........I'll keep you posted.

I mean, the more I think about it.......all I really want are pictures of me and the fam in my cap and gown. Who actually wants to sit through the speeches and announcements of other names being called out. Although, this will be the first graduation where my last name will be announced correctly. It's easier to pronounce Jones verses Walley. But, then you have to weigh the option of if that really matters. 

Can't I just show up for the 10:30 am graduation? Will they turn me away?


  1. You think like I do. We can do it all! And it sounds as if it may work out beautifully and you'll be celebrating your Masters by attending a Pink concert. Go girl!

  2. Hi Kelly Jo!

    Update: I find out on Monday on my official graduation time. #fingerscrossed

    I keep planning it in my head....thinking...I can do this! I can sleep when I'm dead. :)