Thursday, July 25, 2013

Thoughts for Thursday......

- The other day, I bought a twix and ate it. I had a weakness. And caved. #cleaneatingfail

- I turned in my school project yesterday. I'm done. FINISHED. Now it's time for home projects!

- I had to de-friend someone on Facebook because of their bad grammer.
"Wud u like sum ice cream b4 i go home? Any1?"

Seriously. You have an iphone. With predictive text.

My iphone pretty much finishes my sentences for me. Short cut grammer was cute when you were in 5th grade. YOU ARE AN ADULT now. Talk like one. It's one thing to short cut some quick text message. I get it. But, when you are posting on social media.......come on. Type it out.

u got it? K?

-Am I being grumpy today? I think I may be. So, to lighten up my's a presh pic of Coopie:

This is what he does when we come in from our afternoon walks. He drinks his water.......then he body slams Oscar out of the way to drink his.....then he passes out on the tile floor.

True story: one hott day last month......I joined him.

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