Wednesday, July 24, 2013

She Had a Baby....It's a Boy.

That pretty much sums up this week's news.

The Private Eye Newspaper in London captured the story best:


Journalism at it's best.

There are a few questions about this birth that strike me:

1. Do you think Kate is a bit embarrassed that the ENTIRE world was pretty much obsessed with her uterus? I think I would be!

2. Do you think the Dr. referred to her as Duchess Kate while she was delivering the baby?
     Duchess Kate, I need you to push on 3. 1.....2......

3. I wonder if they practiced their "get-a-way" in the car before arriving to the hospital and birthing the child? Did ya'll see how quickly Prince William slung that baby in the car and drove away? Surely that was practiced?

4. I totally bet they have a name picked out and they just don't want to release it yet. I think Kate is trying to hold out until Kim Kardashian shows photos of her baby. Surely they are in a secret battle against each other. 

5. That poor baby will spend it's first 5 years of life learning all of the names it's given! Geez! 

Happy Wednesday everyone! We are halfway there!

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