Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Beach Out-takes

Capturing a pic with my crazy family is a sight to be seen! It's near to impossible. For every 5 pictures we take, only 1 will be legit.

You put your left hip out......you put your right foot in......

You put your right hand up.....and you do the hokey pokey....

And you wonder where I get my flair of dramatics from......it's like we have nothing in common. 

It's a good thing my camera doesn't use film. I would have to bill these fools for the out-take photos!

I'm not sure if I'm fussing, instructing, or demanding we pull it together for just 1 more photo......Clearly brudder is elated to be taking pics. Clearly. 

I mean, 1 out 3 to look at the camera isn't bad? Right??

A few years ago, I had to beg, plead, and make promises for Brudder and H to wear white shirts and khakis on the beach. This year, I knew better than to press my luck.

While at the beach, a few things took place:

1- We drew names out of a bowl to plan our next vacay. This was my dad's idea. Being the elder of group, he decided that we will take a family vacay every year. Together. As a family. During our Saturday lunch, he sits down at the patio table with a bowl and all of our names in it. Before he drew a name, he goes over the rules of our family vacay:
     -whosoever name is pulled from the bowl picks next years destination
     -we plan the vacay around Brudder's work schedule (and it has to be in the summer months)
     -it must be in driving distance

2- Candice won. Our vacay destiny is in her hands.

3- Clean eating was near to impossible. However, I persevered while H caved. H partook in chili cheese nachos for lunch, this is what I ate with no regrets:

4- 2pm naps on the beach happened. My dad was THAT person on the beach snoring napping on the beach with his mouth open.

5- Mom brought an abundance of food/snacks/drinks and toted it down to the beach. I'll admit, H and I devoured a bag of s'mores gold fish with little marshmallows. O.M.G. Nothing clean about them, overly processed, amazingly good. 

6- We (us kids) realized how old we are. While laying on the beach and watching the "beach planes" fly over with their Flora-Bama signs, we all laughed and talked about going and dancing and having mom come pick us up.......but, every night after dinner and stops for yogurt, it was all we could do to make it to the 6th floor of the condo. The thought of staying up past 10pm seemed like a faint memory to us.

7- Going into the weekend, I had 1 rule for the family. Don't mess with the thermostat. Due to some fabulous meds, I have severe hot flashes. As in, the Dr. gave me meds to help combat them. Hot flashes are no joke. My body is on fire for 2 minutes and I become extremely cold. Fun times. Anyway, I set the air on 65 and dared anyone to touch. All complied.

It was a great vacay with lots of laughs, snorts, food and family fun. I think we are excited for next year and can't wait to see what Candice picks for us!

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