Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Let's Go to the Beach Beach....

Last month, my funny family took a vacay. It's our first vacay in a LONG time together!

Growing up- Brudder and I were very content just going to the beach, or the lake (that was 5 miles away) or work trips with dad. Of course my parents took us to Disney- but....we never had a scheduled vacay every year. We are homebodies. I get it honestly.

Anyway, Mom wanted a vacay this year at the beach. So, we made it happen. And it was sorta difficult because all of my doggie sitters would be going on the vacay with us. Coopie loves to go to the pet hotel. He has little friends there. Oscar on the other hand.....he would probably die if we drop him off there. When he is mad or out of his element, he doesn't use the bathroom or eat.

Back to the vacay:

We loaded up and headed out.......and our first stop was the Waffle House.

Oh yes we did!

You see.....Brudder worked in Brazil....he is about to start working in Korea. He doesn't have the opportunity to eat local American cuisine such as the Waffle House whenever he wants. When Brudder comes home after being at work for a month......he sorta has a bucket list of places or eating establishments that he would like to go to. They vary from high class and 5, the Waffle House.

I ate a waffle at 3 in the afternoon.

After the Clampetts arrived to town, this is what it looked like hauling all of our "S" to the 6th floor:

Did I mention that we were only spending 2 nights? Mom bought enough groceries to feed a family of 6 for a week.

We of course had to do the obligatory beach pictures.

Here's a pic of the whole gang.....before raccoon eyes. This was Day 1.

My family does not like to take pics. I have beg, plead, stand on my head and threaten to hurt them with my big camera. I don't think they were thrilled about pic due to the fact of our raccoon eyes! 

The original Walley 4. 

My family loves the beach.......well, really, we love any body of water. We camped out at the beach Mom actually sent dad to "rent" our beach chairs at 7am on Saturday morning! Early bird gets the worm chair. 

Half of my pics are outtakes......that are comical. And they sum up the family to a T! That will be a follow up post. I don't wanna overload 'ya.