Thursday, July 11, 2013

Thoughts for Thursday......

Lardy! I'm so excited the summer is just moving right on along.

This weekend is the big weekend.

It's the weekend where me and my best frands from college catch up on life and have our reunion.
We are also showering Mar Per with baby gifts for sweet baby gurl Emmaline Claire Perry!
When Mar told us her baby name....I squealed because that is going to be the best monogram ever!
Things like that matter when you are a gurl. 

This weekend will consist of wine cake, pj's, sitting on the bed until way past our bedtime (like 10 pm), lots of stories from college, belly laughs, wine, tears and catching up.

In other news, my man finished up his summer classes in school........and he made an A.
School has been a struggle for him the past few weeks. Not the academic part........but staying focus.

Let me explain:
He is focused. He is dedicated.
However, I am out of school. I am excited to be out of school. And I want to do activities with H now.
So I beg him to take breaks and ride bikes with me, and to take the doggies for a walk, and watch an episode of NCIS, and assist me while making homemade cinnamon rolls, and weed the flower beds, and paint an outdoor rug.

While H watched his school videos....I would feet away from him. Then, I would hold my project  up and ask for feedback! After all of the interruptions that I have provided him over the past 2 weeks- it's amazing he didn't give his professor instructions on how to make bread rise or how to add fringe to burp cloths on his final exam!

Speaking of cinnamon rolls: I made some. As in homemade. Raw dough. I was doing fine until the last few steps. And then, it went down hill fast for me. I spent 3 hours making them....and then threw them away the next day. I know what I did wrong. Hind sight is 20/20....right? It's trial and error when you bake......and rise. I'm not gonna lie....I was disappointed. However, the rolls that I baked immediately were incredible! LARD!

Saturday night is the Miss Mississippi Pageant. And I won't be able to watch it live. I hate to ask my friends who have traveled out of state to watch a live stream of the pageant and reenact tap-dance routines in our slippers on tile floor. (not that I have ever done that in my kitchen before)
However, Katie did host a Miss America Pageant Party a few years ago complete with pageant dresses, crowns, questions, high heels.......the whole shebang!

Good times and good stories will happen this weekend. There has even been talk about a Hudson's/Dirt Cheap run! No trip to MS is complete without leaving the state with some damaged Target goods! 

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