Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Summer Garden Flag

I'm sorta into making my own garden flags.

You may remember me making this one for Heart Day using glue (pre-sewing machine days):

Then, I got real fancy and made this one:

Well- due to the MS sun, the yellow flag was looking faded and raggedy.....and it was time for something new. So, I went to the Temple of crafts.......Hobby Lobby.

I'm not bragging or anything......but, I sorta have this down to a science now. 

To make your own easy peasy burlap garden flag, here's the "S" you need:
- I bought 1/2 yard of fabric (this will make 2 flags). I used burlap because it's easy and forgiving material. Forgiving in the sense of flexibility.....and not feelings. 
-Ribbon for your monogram. Your choice! Just remember you have to sew over it.

I cut my fabric in half and laid it out on the floor so it would inspire "vision" to me! The doggies loved this! They think everything is for them or about them.....and they were hoping to get a new blanket out of the deal! 

Then, take it to the sewing machine and fold each side over and hem them. Hem both sides.....as in the right side and the left side......not the top and bottom. I realize that I'm over clarifying here......but, I want to you be sure! 

Folks- don't get too technical here. Because I'm a rogue seamstress, I didn't even pin the sides down! GASP! I figure, I have a somewhat steady hand and the stinkin' thing is going in my yard, and not my living room. I just use the guide on my machine. 

Next, fold down the top and hem it down. This is the part that actually goes on your garden flag stake in the yard. Again, don't get your panties in a wad on making it perfect! It's going in your yard people! And.....if it turns out whop sided, you can always say you received it as a gift! :) 

Editor's note: I didn't hem the bottom of the flag, because it was already hemmed when I bought the fabric. If you are feeling froggy- most definitely do it. I was not feeling froggy. 

My dear sweet friend asked me to make a flag for her yard. I said yes- because her last name starts with a T. If her name was something crazy like a B or a R- I probably wouldn't be able to pull it off with my fabric monogram.

After the flag was made- I cut my ribbon and laid it out on the flag to measure and pin it down.

Next, I pinned down the T and started sewing. After the T was secured I decided to add a border like a wild crazy woman!

That's it! It's finished! Done and done!
Of course, you can glue it all down with 'no-sew'......but if you are looking for a quick and easy sewing project.....this is great starter project!

I also made a flag for my front yard too! A "J" isn't that hard to swing! Before I threw away the previous yellow flag- rest assured that I ripped off the J to use for my next flag!

Editors Note again: Spray the HECK out of your flag with an sealant! You can buy a clear sealant from  Hobby Lobby or Lowe's. It protects it from weather.....however, after a few months- you really need to chunk it and just make a new one.