Friday, July 5, 2013

Oh Happy Day.

I'm tempted to put on a choir robe and dance and clap up and down the streets of my subdivision.

Can you guess why I'm so tickled?

No- it's not because the little buddies in my house stopped peeing on my foyer rug. 

It's because I stinkin' passed my COMPS!

Can I get an Amen and a Praise to the Lard!

A few nights ago.....I told H that I want to take another class! hah!
He thought I was joking.

I want to take a photography class. I have a great little camera that I don't know how to use. It's my new mission in life to learn how to use it AND to find the perfect mascara. I'm failing at both. 

Before you waste your comments on telling me to check on Pinterest and use a tutorial there......ask yourself these questions: have you used online photography tutorials? have you made all of the 135 recipes that you have pinned?


I haven't either! 

I'm a visual learner. I need to be able to ask questions. I need feedback. I need to just take a class.

I will be celebrating Comps yet again! I love to party......and this certainly is great excuse to go out to dinner!

Please never speak to me about:
-Theory of Reasoned Action
-Consumer Behavior
-Shannon and Weaver's Mathematical Theory
-Consumer Analysis

Or, really, anything academic.

I plan on burning my study guide tomorrow as I sip on vino. That will help me close this chapter of my life. Plus- I'm enjoy burning things.........really, it's a Walley thing. We like to burn stuff.

School's out for summer ever!

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