Wednesday, November 6, 2013

November Nerves

Call me Scrooge......but all of the "Thankful" posts on social media get on my nerves.

People are clogging up my Facebook feed with posts saying they are thankful for the obvious things in life.

My message to the people: STOP. For the love of all November......and turkey and dressing. Just stop.

How about instead......if you are thankful for your husband, cook your man a big meal and give him a little slap on the butt. 

If you are thankful for your kids, take them for an unexpected ice cream run.

If you are thankful for Jesus.....tell him that in your prayers and your actions.

If you are thankful for your parents, call them/show up at their door/ mail them a gift and let them know. It sorta defeats the purpose when you give your parents a "shout out" on Facebook and they are not even on it! Just sayin'. 

If you are thankful for your friends, mail them a note telling them why.

With my rant being over......I'm gonna give you my list of 30 days of Thankfulness. Get Ready.......

I'm Thankful for:
1. My doggies and how they smell like Fritos and Doritos in the morning.
2. Spaghetti.
3. Sand on the beach.
4. The smell of a library book.
5. Lotion in the winter.
6. Fall leaves.
7. Pancakes.
8. Conference calls with friends.
9. Belly laughs.
10. Grey's Anatomy.
11. Fresh flowers in my bathroom.
12. My weenie dog blanket.
13. Sharpie pens.
14. Front porch sitting.
15. Planners and journals.
16. Dr. Snap
17. Coach shoes.
18. Sunday afternoon naps.
19. Chili in the winter.
20. Pinterest.
21. Cookies and Cream ice Cream.
22. When my man does the dishes.
23. Notes in my Bible.
24. Chicken Spaghetti.
25. Tervis Tumblers.
26. Starbucks.
27. Sunday lunch at my parents house.
28. Watching the buddies chase the golf cart.
29. Scarfs.
30. Life.

I'm sorry (not sorry) if I have to de-friend you the month of November because you are thankful for the same stuff this year as you posted last year. I mean, we get have the best husband, kids, parents, friends that anyone can ask for. You told us last year, and the year before. 

Happy November Everyone! 

Love- Mega-Scrooge

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