Thursday, November 7, 2013

Thoughts for Thursday.....

1.  Last night, my man cleaned the kitchen.......and he asked me to post on Facebook that I'm grateful that "I have a man that will come home and clean. #day7"

Insert eyeroll and belly laugh at the funny man.
See previous post if you don't get this joke. 

2. Yesterday I wore flip flops to work due to the insane amount of blisters on my feet. I had a work event Tuesday I wore some snazzy shoes all day for it.....and by 5pm, I had called my mom and asked permission to wear my Christmas shoes that she bought me that's in my car waiting to be delivered to her. She said I could wear them, but that she's still wrapping them up! 

3.  Apparently, a lot of my friends share my same feelings about the Thankful Posts. Great minds think alike.

4. I'm taking a road trip this weekend to Huntsville. I'm ashamed to say that one of my BFF's had her sweet baby gurl in September....and I have YET to see that darling! Football totally got in my way this fall (don't's part of my j-o-b). So, to help the drive go by faster, I purchased a book on cd. I realize that last sentence makes me sound like a product from 2000, but, I purchased it for the cheap at Tuesday Morning. I go to put the cds in my cd player....and what do you know....the crazy thing won't work! I was soo disappointed, but, I haven't used the cd player since we purchased the car....almost 4 years ago! (Thank you Sirius and Bluetooth). Anyway, instead of trading in my car for one with a working cd player, I downloaded my cds into iTunes and BAM! They are now on my phone! #winformeg #ilovetechnology

5. I ordered my Christmas cards yesterday. Just.You.Wait! If you are not on my list, you may wanna be! Last year, my cards were hodge-podge from the Dirt Cheap, this year, I have made up for it. I'm so excited about them that I'll probably mail them the day after Thanksgiving.

6. Speaking of Thanksgiving.....I'm ready for some turkey, dressing and gravy! Lard help me!

7. I visited this little munchkin this past weekend:

8. This was my breakfast on Tuesday and today: #noshame

9. For Halloween at work....I was Pinterest:
My dad was shocked that I was even participating in the costumes at work. Growing up.....I HATED wearing costumes. HATED IT! Obviously, I'm still against it. I don't have a reason why....other than I'm lazy.....

10. I feel like I need to round out my thoughts with having 10.....

I have decided after I finish my piano class in December.....there will be no more classes for me for a while. I need a break. I need a minute from flashcards, jury's, augmented and diminished chords, arpeggios and any type of music theory. This was suppose to be my "fun" class. ain't no 'mo.

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