Monday, December 9, 2013

Journey: Part 1

Life is a funny funny thing.

Well, actually, it isn't.

It's a.....(you know what to fill the blanks in with here.)

I didn't want kids until I met my man.

In college I was the gurl who was all: NO! Kids hold your career back! NO! Kids make you crazy! NO! Kids are stinky and gross! NO! Kids take all of your money

For the record I didn't want to get married either. So mom started a china pattern for me. 

Then, I met this man.

I wanted nothing more than to be his baby mama.
I mean, Good LARD! Just look at this man! 

One afternoon, I called my mom and proclaimed I wanted to have LOTS of babies with this man! She kindly asked that I marry him first. I obliged. Gladly. 

Anyway, back in college, I was diagnosed with PCOS. It wasn't that big of deal. No foul.

It wasn't until 3 months after walking down the aisle and becoming a Jones that it became a big deal.

3 months into marriage is a scary time. You are trying to get in a new routine, you are figuring out your new roommate...and your finances.....and new jobs....and then add into the mix possibly getting pregnant and the "what if's" if you DO get pregnant!


Looking back at that time......if we knew then what we know now....we would have laughed at our future. And at the Dr. And stayed in our small 2 bedroom garden home where the mortgage was cheap. 

In the midst of us not getting preggers on our own......we decided to sell our house and move closer to H's job. We talked about it.....prayed about it.....and the stars aligned up. It was great! We were about to get preggers AND have a larger home! So...the Dr. said, "call me when you get settled and I'll prescribe you with Clomid. It's a wonder drug. You'll be preggers in 3 months!"

Well, we moved, I started a new job, we were doing home improvements and I began grad school. A baby really wasn't on the short list at the moment. And that was ok with us. We were busy and the desire wasn't super strong in our heart to hurry. 

I kid you not.....6 months later, we move back to MS..........

Part 2 will be coming up

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