Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Journey: Part 2

So we moved back to MS in February of 2010.

That's when we said GAME ON to having a baby.

We were so excited because I was going to be a stay-at-home mom.....and we were going to get preggers quickly......and life was going to be grand.

I saw my new Dr. in April......and in August I had my 1st surgery to remove cysts and endometriosis.
My recovery was rough. You would have thought that I had open heart surgery. I didn't realize that when the Dr. cuts your can't really do anything for a while. You can't stand up by yourself, you can't lift your arms past a certain point, you can't brush your hair, etc. Oh, and don't even think about sneezing or coughing. If you cry. 

Because your never too old to need your mama, I recovered at her house. And it was great! It was the best part about the surgery.....other than the meds! 

My Dr. is great! Love her! Trust her! And she gives great advice.

After the surgery........she recommended a trip and told us to get preggers on the trip.

Well. That sounds fun.....but our trip was already planned. And it was during my 2nd week of recovery. Nothing screams fun in the sun and bikinis like some durma-bond on your stomach. Sexy.

I felt cheated during our trip because our resort offered amazing excursions and fun activities.
I.e. they had a trapeze on property.
I wanted to trapeze so bad.....but I was still having trouble washing my hair!
I mean, who doesn't want to trapeze on the beach........after having a Bahama Mama or two....or three?! luck would have baby in September, October, November or December.

January was a new year and a new outlook on having a baby!

In January.......I finally accepted a job and the realization that things are just not going as we had hoped. I also started the wonder drug clomid.

It's a WONDER that husbands are not murdered due to that drug.

So I now have a new job......and new pills....and new side effects that I must navigate through all while trying to appear to be normal.

It was my full intention to quit my job after having a baby. January will mark 3 years of being with my company. I was going to take a few pills, get preggers, then give my notice that I will not be returning after birthing a child. H was fully on board with this plan. This plan has since been edited......and I WILL be returning to work after Baby Jones arrives. Stupid infertility. 

Clomid is an evil yet necessary drug that makes you go insane and have hot flashes while it's snowing outside. Oh....and it increases your chances of having twins. Beautiful. 

I took my January dose......then I took a break from it.

I just needed a minute. 

I took my 2nd dose in June, then had my 2nd surgery in July.

Same song. Same dance. 

Apparently, endometriosis feeds off of Clomid.........and I had a grapefruit that needed to be removed. 

This time, my mom came to my house for my recovery. She cooked, cleaned, tended to Oscar, watched movies in  bed with me, made Hunter lunch when he would come home during lunch to check on me. She even cooked dinner for our friends that visited us! Neither of us wanted her to leave! 

True Story: When I found out my due date with Sweet Baby Jones was the middle of June.....I may have jumped for joy knowing that mom has off from work during the summer! Home-gurl may as well move in with us for the month of June and July! 

After all of my labs came back from sweet Dr. called me.

She thought it was best for her to refer me on to a Reproductive Endocrinologist.

And that leads us to Dr. McDreamy.........

We'll pick up there in Part 3. 

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