Thursday, December 12, 2013

Thoughts for Thursday......

Today is my Friday.
Tomorrow is my Funday.

1. I graduate with my Masters tomorrow. I'm pretty pumped. Although I don't know how I feel about the cap though! I like my big hair! 

2. Also....tomorrow is the P!nk concert. And I'm stoked! 2 other couples will be going with a good time will be had by all parties involved! To prepare for the festivities, I have taken the following measures:

- watched the P!nk Australia concert that H recorded for me on Saturday while laying in bed eating popcorn

-removed my blush nail polish so I can replace it with Hott pink

- I downloaded older P!nk songs so I can be ready when she plays "an oldie but a goodie"

-I nicely told H that our playlist on the trip to Bham will consist only of P!nk. 
Sorry, not sorry! 
When he graduates with his Masters, he can select the playlist.

3. I have a crib and rocker in my house. And it's weird. I still don't believe it.

Sunday night started the nursery transformation. I presented my "vision" to H....and he had to walk away. 
The crown molding did him in.

4. I had my piano jury on Wednesday. 
Epic. Fail. 
It was so bad that I will have a blog post coming later.

5. At the end of December, we will have attended 8 Christmas parties this month!! Not to mention 2 birthday parties! The month of December has been a fun one so far! I love a good party! Bring on the green bean bundles, the cupcakes and social hour! I can enjoy it sooo much more this year since the 'ol Masters degree is behind me!

Happy Thursday, let's Raise Our Glass

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