Friday, December 13, 2013

The Judge and the Jury.

I took a piano class this semester.

As in, a college piano class.

It was all fun and games until the 2nd half of the semester.......then the teacher broke out theory concepts and words that I've never heard of before. Oh, and I got pregnant and I pretty much was over class at that point. I was too tired to even care. 

Anyway, Wednesday was my jury. In music classes, you don't have finals, but rather, they are called juries.

I would give you the rundown of our busy month of December......and how I haven't had time to practice......and I would also disclose that I did host Gurls Night the night before my final jury.
Bad move on my part. 

Here's how my jury went down:

Teacher: Hi Meg! Can you play the white key major and parallel harmonic minor scales for me.

Meg: Ummm......can we come back to that one?

Teacher: Ok....Play for me the chord progressions in root position, do all major white and black keys. And tell me the key signature.

Meg: Right. Um...when you say chord progressions....I know I'm to progress the chord.....but root position, that's a little iffy with me. 

Teacher: Play the white key tonic minor triads and inversions, ascending from root position.

Meg: So we are back with the whole root thing again. I know that tri means I'm to play 3 notes at once....then invert them. Right?

It's safe to say that I know more about qualitative and quantitative research methods, intercoder reliability tests and the purpose of content analysis than the musical instrument that I have played since 5 years old!

Excuse me while I go play chopsticks!


  1. Heather Elmore SmithDecember 16, 2013 at 8:05 PM

    I love reading your blog! And I tell your mom that just about every week! I read some of your posts to my mom and sister! We totally get loving the dachsie's! I was so excited when your mom told me you were expecting! I have even told a few people myself!( I hope you don't mind! :) ) Your mom and dad are two very precious people that I am so glad started coming to our church!

    1. Awww! Thanks Heather! It's nice knowing that someone other than mom reads my weird thoughts! :)