Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Gender Day!

So, today is a big day for me and my baby daddy.

We find out the gender of our little peanut today. This is more fun than being 5 years old on Christmas morning! 

Full disclosure: I'll probably throw up today. It's just too much excitement for me to contain!

Another disclosure: I bought this on the off chance I'm having a girl.....Because every little girl needs a Petunia Pickle Bottom Bag! 

And I bought this sweet/soft blanket for the off chance I'm having a boy. 

I don't want to return either!!

I can't even deal with the cuteness of both! Lard have mercy!
I have waited a long time to wrap up a baby in a sweet blanket. 

I know we are friends on here....but you will have to wait until our gender reveal party to know the results! 
Mark your calendar....January 25th! 

So the way this will go down today will be something like this: 

2:55- I throw up in the Drs. Office
3:00- they weigh me and I cry
3:15- they tell us if we will have a football player or a cheerleader. And I throw up again and cry. H and I will vow our silence until January 25th. 
3:20- BFF Katye, who shares the same Doctor as me, and who happens to have her apt only 10 minutes before mine, will try to read mine and H's facial and body expressions to figure it out! She will also take our picture to document the occasion. 
3:30- I call my mom and torment her. 
3:45- my dad calls and threatens to cut me out of the will.
4:00- my grandmother calls and says something about her being the Walley Queen Bee and how her Christmas will be MADE if I tell her! 
4:15- I throw up again. 

Any predictions?? 

Pink or Blue? 

Diaper bag or baby blanket? Which will I have to return? 


  1. I started thinking that today!! I have been team boy until this am! I'm soo straddle the fence!!

  2. Boy....now give some names or no Christmas gifts!! Dad

  3. I say use the bag that you like, the baby won't care! And I'm all for using "boy themed" items for girls. Remember I was the crazy one that waited 40 weeks and 3 days to find out the sex!!

    1. Lydia-
      You have better will power than me!! I would DIE if I couldn't find out! ha!