Thursday, December 19, 2013

Thoughts for Thursday.....

1. Tomorrow night is our 3rd annual Pajama Party. I thought about purchasing this little gem at the P!nk concert to wear tomorrow night......but I have a baby dresser to buy! 

2. Revenge season finale. I can't even. 
I liked Emily's wedding dress. And I sorta root for her and Daniel to be normal.
Her hair is amaze.....and Lydia......I can't even describe how mean she is!
Of course Emily's plan wouldn't work.......because if it did......the show would be over. 

3. So far so good on keeping the secret on Sweet Baby Jones. However, my mom and grandmother are mad that I won't tell them! Here's the before and after photo of me and my baby daddy at our Dr. appt.

4. I'm counting down the hours until I'm out from work until January! That's a great perk for working in Higher Education!
I plan on catching up on Scandal and Downton Abbey. In bed. With the weenie dogs. And orange juice. I've been craving orange juice lately. It's my drink of choice.

5. My mom has volunteered to clean my house. And I may have cried a little when she offered! It's hard enough cleaning the tub without a baby in my belly! Yes woman. Please come push the vacuum and wash some clothes. I'm certainly not gonna stop you!

6. H's parents are coming to our house this weekend.....and we are pumped for many reasons!

- Spending time with family is always great!
- Not having to travel during the Holidays is even better!
- I'm looking forward to cooking a big meal and eating until we can't!

7. Coopie has been acting out. On Tuesday night......he looked me square in the eyes and started pooping in the kitchen. Later in the was the same thing, different location.

8. Oh and today is "comfy clothes" day at work. #pregnantgurlsdreamcometrue
I'm rocking a sweat shirt, yoga pants and ponytail. Praise be to the Lard! 

Happy Thursday everyone! 


  1. You are so tiny! I was in maternity pants at 12 weeks! HA!

    1. Gurl....I'm rocking maternity pants!!! The pants in this pic are "regular"......however, full disclosure, I popped a button.