Thursday, January 23, 2014

Thoughts for Thursday.....

Hello intranet!

I have some items to share:

1. I spent 2 hours of my life in Sam's Club on Saturday waiting for H's new tires to be put on his car. That's 2 hours of walking every aisle. While I will never get that time back, I did sample the following items (none in which I purchased

-orange juice
-cheese sticks

I made some observations, which lead to questions/statements while up in the  Sam's Club. 

1. You can buy ANYTHING there! Diapers to dining room tables oh and flooring! 

2. Who needs 10 lbs of rice? 

3. Where do you store you 80 K-cups? 

4. When you buy 2 loafs of bread, do you freeze one? 

2. This weekend is the big gender reveal party! And Lardy, I'm ready to tell! H and I have loved having a secret......but now we are ready to celebrate with ya'll!

3. I had a long weekend due to the MLK holiday......and I whipped up some new Pinterest recipes that I'll share later! For some odd reason, I feel accomplished when I cook something new.

4. I read on the intranet where Sandra Oh will be leaving Grey's Anatomy. I wish I didn't know this. It's like someone just told me that the Easter Bunny doesn't REALLY hop to my house on Easter.

5. Speaking of Easter, the day after, you can bet that I'll be ordering Baby Jones their Easter basket for next year from Pottery Barn.

6. The nursery is 88% complete. All we need to purchase is the night stand, frame a print and buy a floor lamp. #doneanddone

7. Tonight is pizza night for the Jones'. $1 pizzas eaten like a taco. I think so. 

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