Thursday, January 23, 2014

Pregnancy Updates...

1. Baby Jones is moving around like CRAZY! I love every kick, punch, kart wheel and slap! I've waited a long time to feel these random crazy jabs when I'm least expecting them!

2. I'm reading Baby Wise....and it's made me realize I have a LOT of learning to do!

3. Sitting in Sunday School this past week, Baby Jones went NUTS! It don't know if it was the 9 donut holes that I ate for breakfast or if the baby was in a worshipful mood?!

4. I was texting my BFFS about the baby and nursery......and they were being so sweet and telling me how the only person that has met my baby has been Jesus. Well, that got me to thinking......I wonder how that convo may have went:

Jesus: Baby Jones, I'm sending you to Meg and H. Hey- don't worry....on the bright side, you will have 2 will fur brothers.

Baby Jones: NO! Not them! I'm gonna have a crazy mother! She is gonna hover! I just know it! And EVERYTHING will be monogrammed!

Jesus: Don't worry about her! She is very scattered brained! She sends her neighbor to her house at least once a week to check on something that she thinks she forgot to unplug! You'll be fine!

Baby Jones: Is it true that my parents have already proclaimed they don't want to take me to Disney World just because they don't like theme parks?!

Jesus: Yes! They did......but I have a feeling that once they meet you, and you ask nicely, they will have you on the Disney Cruise in no time! Oh.....I need to warn you, don't let Coopie lick you in the face! He eats his poop! Don't worry about your parents.....You will get use to the dysfunctional aspect very soon! You'll be fine! Your journey will begin in June. Prepare yourself. 

5. I try very hard to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day. In order to aid in the water new favorite thing is add lemon, strawberry and kiwi to my water. Pretty tasty.

6. Just when I think I'm ready for childbirth........I realize that I'm not. Hopefully, after our childbirth class- I'll have a greater peace about it.

7. We have decided on a daycare for Baby Jones. I have mixed emotions about this. I haven't quite come to grips on how a feel. A part of me wants to have adult conversations and feel that I contribute monetarily to our family. The other part of me wants to rock our little burrito all day and have a home cooked meal every night. Meanwhile, Baby Jones is on a list. And it was strange writing their little name down.


  1. Justin and I used to talk about and to Elliot often once we chose his name before telling anyone what it would be. Those were very sweet, precious times! Your kid won't meet other parents and know that your crazy until much later in life. By then it will be too late to wish they had other parents because they'll already be just like you!

    1. Bahahah!!! Thanks for making me feel better! #truefriends

  2. hey meg, just responding from your comment. I'd love to participate in a foodie Friday! Let me know what you're thinking.

  3. We have a sitter and I love them. The first week I cried now I love dropping him off. They learn so much more around other children. You learn to appreciate the weekends and holidays.