Monday, January 27, 2014

Muddy Buddies..

We have neighborhood cats, and this is what Coopie looks like after chasing them:

When this happens at 7:12 am on a Monday morning, and you have to leave your house at 7:15 am for work and you are dressed in a cream-colored don't have time (nor the want-to) to bathe weenie dogs.

So, I toweled them off.....and threatened Oscar to move from his bed during the day. I may have threatened to roast him if he jumped on the couch.

When I came home from was bath time. And I was dreading it. H and I normally tag team washing the dogs. We have a routine.

-H stands in the garden tub with the pups and scrubs.
- I rise, dry off and take them one-by-one to the back porch to shake.

We are a well oiled machine. Until H isn't home for me to this. 

This is what bath time looked like on Monday night:

Coopie doesn't seem to mind bath time that much.....but he makes a mess when he wags his tail! Then, Oscar gets mad at  Cooper for splashing him....then, Oscar gets mad at me for bathing him. 

So this is what he does......he turns his back and refuses to acknowledge my presence. 

He has earned his name Oscar the Grouch. 

By the time H arrived home from work at 7pm, I was DONE! I was too tired to eat much less cook! The clothes on the couch had to wait until Tuesday night to get folded! 


  1. I just started following your blog (Found you on Kristin Lindley's page) and the picture of the doggie at the door covered in mud sent me into hysteria!!! That is just what I needed this morning!!! Thanks for the laugh!

    1. Hi!! Thanks for following my crazy life! hah!
      Oh Coopie! He's my CrayCray doggie! He makes me laugh about every-other-day!