Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Since announcing that Baby Boy Jones will be arriving this summer, we have felt the love!

We have received sweet cards of congratulations, emails, phone calls and text messages galore!
It's been so nice reading all of them! I normally chunk cards after I read them (I'm the opposite of a pack-rat).....but please know that I'm keeping every card that we are receiving about this sweet baby!

I want this babe to know how much they were loved before they even appeared!

The outpouring hasn't stopped with cards!

-Neighbors have brought over food! And I've told them to cook us the same meal again in June! 
-Friends/family have loaned maternity clothes. I've bought 3 maternity items so far! 
-Friends have made my favorite dishes so I don't have to cook! And I ate chicken spaghetti until there were no leftovers! 
-This baby has received gifts and hand-me-downs already! The baby doesn't need clothes! Ever.

The love that we have received so far has been so special to us! I'm thankful that our sweet baby boy will grow up with such a good support group! Also- I never wanna move from our hood! This baby will be able to ride his bike to his friends homes. Literally- there are baby boys to the right and sweet little girls to our left! Oh, and the mamas in our hood are great! I get group text messages saying: Headed to Kroger, need anything? Front door grocery service.


I'm looking forward to strolling the hood this summer with all of the mamas and their babies!

Thank you for the prayers, notes, food, gifts and encouragement!
We have felt it, needed it and appreciated it!

Gender Reveal pics and posts are coming soon! 

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