Friday, February 14, 2014

Pregnancy Updates....

1. Baby boy moves EVERYDAY! The child is a ninja and karate chops me when I least expect it. I will be sitting in a meeting at work......and I have to apologize for the sudden look on my face or my outburst of "Geeze Louise!"

I have to follow it up with: "I'm fine. My child just punched me. Carry on."

2. At my appoitment on Monday- his heart rate was 160. 

3. The heartburn. 
I'm gonna make 99% of my readers hate me with this bullet point. I apologize. Here we go:

This has been the easiest pregnancy in the history of pregnancy's thus far

Don't forget though, it was an act of Congress to get here.

I have friends who:
-couldn't pull it together in their 1st trimester due to the nausea and throwing up;
-are currently on bedrest due to gestational diabetes;
- had food aversions or sensitivity to smells, etc;
- had debilitating migraines! 
- were put on bed rest due to extremely high blood pressure;
-laid in bed for 2 days with sick migraines; and
- endured back pain due to the baby sitting on a nerve. 

I'm all over here saying: Can I have more food? And maybe some ice cream too? Mexican anyone? 

However- I'm starting to experience heartburn for the 1st time ever in my life. I'm thinking about changing my diet to rice and bread. 

I asked my Dr. about it on Monday. I'm not to the point I want a prescription just yet because I'm she suggested elevating the top of our bed where my head will be elevated. 

Listen. We are gonna jack that bed up this weekend! Bed, Bath, Beyond: I'm headed your way with a coupon in hand. 

To the ladies that hate me for having an easy pregnancy........just know that pregnancy #2 or #3 will probably be the death of me. Or, this baby boy will come out with his ninja moves in place and will be high spirited. I realize you can't have it all......which makes me scared about my future! 

4. The weight gain! I can't even tell you. 
I texted my weight gain to my closest friends, because we love to laugh at each other.....and I'm pretty sure they busted a gut when I told them how much I gained in 1 month! 
They busted their gut....and I've added padding to mine. 

Unfortunately, it has all gone to my face and booty. The sweet janitor at work told me that I have having a boy because my butt and hips are big! Thank you. And you are correct. On all accounts.

5. Several of you suggested reading '12 Hours Sleep by 12 Weeks.' The book is now mine and I have a brand new highlighter that I plan on using on the book. I may not have a baby that sleeps through the night......but by golly- I will have knowledge about it! 

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  1. Heartburn was huge for me too. My doc recommended Tums Smoothies. They are still like tums with a slightly less chalky taste. I had them in my purse at all times and a huge bottle by the bed!